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  1. ve·loc·i·ty
  2. The speed of something in a given direction

Class overview

  • Max class size: 15
  • Class type: Calorie burn
  • Categories: HIIT, Intermediates, Tabataa, Plyometric, Fartlek, Circuit
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Location: Studio
Who's counting?

200-400 calories per session

Class description


In short:

A 30 minute, high octane circuit based class, aimed at all levels of fitness. This time effective class will improve athletic capacity and conditioning, as well as increasing speed and power.

Muscle groups:

Legs, lungs, glutes, quads, hamstring, calves, heart

For which sports:

Any sport which relies on the cardio vascular system such as running, rowing, cycling, rugby, tennis and football.

For who:

Footballers, track athletes, racket sports players, cyclers and rowers

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