Sort out your core


  1. frame
  2. A basic structure that underlies or supports the system

Class overview

  • Max class size: 15
  • Class type: Mind body
  • Categories: Core, Aerobic, Toning, Stress relief, Beginner, stretching, 
  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Location: Studio
Who's counting?

200-300 calories per session

Class description


In short:

A multi layered session aimed at every level, to progressively strengthen and lengthen all of the major muscle groups and joints. Improving core strength and balance, along with range of movement, bodily posture and muscle durability. Frame sessions will increase your core stability and overall body conditioning and flexibility

Muscle groups:

Core, back, arms, shoulders, chest, pelvis, back

For who:

All sports, beginners, athletes

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