dance yourself fit


  1. con·tour
  2. A way in which something varies, especially the pitch of music or the pattern of tones. The movement tends to place more emphasis on rhythm than melodic contour. 

Class overview

  • Max class size: 12
  • Class type: Calorie burn
  • Categories: Aerobic, Choreographed, Weight loss, Beginner, Dance based
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Location: Studio
Who's counting?

300-400 calories per session

Class description


In short:

A 45 minute session aimed at every fitness level and ability. A mixture of dance based routines and moves, that mixes low and high intensity that effectively burns calories and boosts energy levels.

Muscle groups:

All over body workout, specifically legs, glutes, core

For who:

Low entry level/beginner, looking for a fun dance based workout

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