What is smart-fit?

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The lowdown

  1. The perfect balance of technology and expertly designed training sessions
  2. Exercising in an intelligent way
In a nutshell

The basics


At smart-fit, we don't believe in short term, quick fixes but rather a 'smarter' way to train - moderation and intelligence are key.

We provide accurate, real time data using Polar heart rate monitors to provide fun, motivating and focused workouts that deliver optimum results for everyone.

Who is it for?


It does not matter if you can run a marathon or you are just starting out, every class you will be wearing a heart rate monitor that will be recording your heart rate and will show the progress you make in any of our lessons.

Your only competition is with your own heart rate. 


How are sessions taught?

Just one person to beat

Although exercise is one of the most powerful tools available for improving your health and boosting your metabolism, for many people the word exercise conjures up negative thoughts and feelings. 

We tap into the power of the mind-body connection to use your thoughts to positively influence some of your body's physical responses using motivational visual aids.

Listening to your body is one thing, understanding what it is telling you is an altogether different story. We will help you really get under the skin of your training via a combination of expertly designed training sessions, coupled with Polar's innovative technology. 

Getting the most out of your training doesn’t always mean working faster or harder. The best way to improving and seeing results is to train at the right intensity. With a Polar heart rate monitor, we can make sure you’re not over or under training, and make each session count.

We provide you with individual data rich workouts, with real time data to ensure you train at the right intensity and make each session count as well, as individual progress and analysis reports sent out after every class.

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Our classes


Smart-Fit Training offers a comprehensive package of 7 classes to ensure that there is a great mix of workouts for everyone, no matter what their age, gender or ability is. Our 7 classes make up the Smart-Fit elements

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