Small Group Training

Don't like training on your own? Why not share the training with a friend or even friends. We cater for up to 4 people on one session. Friends that train together stay together.

Small Group Training

How It Works

Working in a small group can not only be motivational but also challenging, especially if its with your friends. You can enjoy each session that will still be tailored to you and the goals of the group. 

We will hit your personal targets as well as the group and track your progression along with the rest of the team. 

The sessions are designed to challenging, varied but most of all fun! 

Small Group Training


More Personal Attention. Working out in a small group allows the personal trainer to offer corrections and appropriate modifications and progressions.

Variety. The workouts change and evolve as the group progresses.

Motivation. Having someone exercising right beside you often encourages you to keep going.

Support. Both the trainer and the other participants are there to help you to get through the challenges in front of you. You're all on the same team!

Fun. Yes, fun! The right exercise program done with friends can definitely be exciting and enjoyable. 




Hear from our happy clients

Highly recommend Dave as a PT and his classes. I've been coming to him for over 5 years and he has changed my mind-set over fitness, food, alcohol, lifestyle choices. All for the better. I owe him so much. I ran my first race, I got fit, I lost weight and a couple of dress sizes. I cut down on booze and eat a healthier, balanced diet. He does his utmost to help and is always there for me when I flounder. He puts up with my moods and potty mouth! Really knowledgeable and experienced. Not sure what state I'd be in today without him!

Tasha Smith

I love Smart Fit! The sessions ticked all the boxes for me, I always left on a high and with a feeling that I’d worked my butt off, which is difficult to do without a heart rate monitor and without the support and competitive spirit of the coach. I also liked the tailored feedback you provide and the banter/social side to the sessions. What is Smart fit? Its actually a Smart way to get fit, no slacking, no excuses and lots of sweat.

Sian Dunkley

Smart Fit is working hard, sweating, crying, laughing, feeling sick hating you (swearing at you) and loving it all together as a family!! 

Claire Rockett

Made it round the Hambledon Hilly 10k yesterday, first in over 2 1/2 years. Big thank you to Dave and his Smart-fit team for getting me back on track!

Graham Excell

Jack Parson

It's a really great place to start getting fit or getting back to gym life, I would really recommend.

Jack Parsons

Ike Ugboma

Excellent, individualised personal training. Not one size fits all. Has helped with back pain (gone), knee pain (gone), now working on strength and weight control.

Ike Ugboma

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