About Smart Fit

Why Smart Fit is different


Your fitness programme will be tailored specifically to your needs which will help you achieve your goals. Using tried and tested techniques that are easy to follow and sustainable long term that will allow you to see progress and maintain results long term.


We understand the pressures work and family life can place on you, that's why our approach focuses on getting you the most results from the least amount of time. We help you make sensible choices that will allow you to see results without taking up your precious time.


Enjoy our private personal training studio where you can focus on your personal goals without any distractions. We will help you to develop new healthier habits that will help you create more balance in your busy life so that you can feel fitter and more healthy everyday.

Why Smart Fit Can Help You

My name is David Bovey and I specialise in helping women lose weight, tone up and maximise their potential. Since leaving the Army after 17 years of service, I have focused on coaching women to be fitter, stronger and to maximise their full potential.

Both my military and civilian careers have taught me that a combination of mental fortitude, physical fitness and general wellbeing is key to both looking and feeling confident, in control and happy.

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Reasons You Will Love Smart Fit


We believe when you understand more about how you body works then you will be able to achieve your goals more easily and keep the results for longer. You will receive all the resources, support and advice you will need to understand how to take control of your fitness, weight and health. This means you will be able to avoid the yoyo dieting or frustrations usually experienced by people trying to get in shape.

Realistic and Sustainable

We understand sticking to a strict diet or exercise regime can be challenging. All our advice focuses on helping you make consistent small changes and sensible lifestyle changes to give you weight loss results and show you strategies to find balance so you can keep them long term.

Fitting Fitness into your life

Making time for exercise can be difficult, we will show you how to train the Smart Fit way. You won't waste time doing boring or ineffective workouts. We use personal heart rate monitors so you can track your workout and make sure you are getting the most from every session.


Having someone to hold you accountable is often the key to success. From monitoring your heart rate in every workout, to weekly progress and regular checkins to review goals and how you are doing we care about helping you achieve your goals.

Focus on Wellness

To help you get the best possible results Smart Fit Training concentrates on improving your physical and mental wellness. This way you are more capable of dealing with the day to day challenges you face.

​Here’s What Others Have to Say

I love Smart Fit! The sessions ticked all the boxes for me, I always left on a high and with a feeling that I’d worked my butt off, which is difficult to do without a heart rate monitor and without the support and competitive spirit of the coach. I also liked the tailored feedback you provided and the banter/social side to the sessions.

What is Smart fit - its actually a Smart way to get fit, no slacking, no excuses and lots of sweat.

Sian Dunkley

Graham Excell

Loved the social aspect of Smart-fit, the banter

So I’ve completed the 10 week Summer Transformation challenge with Dave Bovey. It has been a challenge. I found the nutrition initially the hardest part and I could not commit to completely giving up alcohol as I had some party nights planned (and they could not happen sober!). Then as time went on I got into a routine but the slog of 5 times a week at the gym was tough – I must admit I enjoyed all the 1:1 PT sessions and all the small group training sessions – they were really tough but fun and full of banter!

I am now a dress size (or 2) smaller, 6.5cm off my waist, 5 cm off my hips and feeling stronger (physically and mentally), more confident, better posture, my menopausal symptoms have near-enough disappeared and I will wear bikinis on holiday!! Who knew I would enjoy spending time in the big boys’ weights area!!

Thank you Dave for your commitment, tailoring sessions to suit me and totally “getting me” and not giving up on me.

Tasha Smith

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