Here’s What Others Have to Say​

Ok, this is my personal opinion and on the basis of being rather selfish, it suits my life rather than yours.

Trevor Wilkins

Smart Fit if I’m honest! For me it was a place to challenge myself surrounded by inspirationally fit people that (for the most part) became my friends too! Personally it was the first time I have ever totally committed to exercise in a long time. Every week was different and it never got boring. It became a part of our lives, part of our routine & something to hate and love I. Equal measure.

Kate Magee

Smart Fit is working hard, sweating, crying, laughing, feeling sick hating you (swearing at you) and loving it all together as a family!!

Claire Rockett

So I’ve completed the 10 week Summer Transformation challenge with Dave Bovey. It has been a challenge. I found the nutrition initially the hardest part and I could not commit to completely giving up alcohol as I had some party nights planned (and they could not happen sober!). Then as time went on I got into a routine but the slog of 5 times a week at the gym was tough – I must admit I enjoyed all the 1:1 PT sessions and all the small group training sessions – they were really tough but fun and full of banter!

I am now a dress size (or 2) smaller, 6.5cm off my waist, 5 cm off my hips and feeling stronger (physically and mentally), more confident, better posture, my menopausal symptoms have near-enough disappeared and I will wear bikinis on holiday!! Who knew I would enjoy spending time in the big boys’ weights area!!

Thank you Dave for your commitment, tailoring sessions to suit me and totally “getting me” and not giving up on me.

Tasha Smith

Loved the social aspect of Smart-fit, the banter

Graham Excell

I love Smart Fit! The sessions ticked all the boxes for me, I always left on a high and with a feeling that I’d worked my butt off, which is difficult to do without a heart rate monitor and without the support and competitive spirit of the coach. I also liked the tailored feedback you provided and the banter/social side to the sessions.

What is Smart fit - its actually a Smart way to get fit, no slacking, no excuses and lots of sweat.

Sian Dunkley